Carpathian Basin Student Research

The data collection for the 2024 student questionnaire is now closed, thank you for the responses received!

To find out more about the experiences of teachers participating in the Sustainability Thematic Week, we are conducting an online survey which can be completed until 9 June by clicking on the link below.

Your feedback is very important to us as we will take your views into account when organising next year's Thematic Week.

Impact assessment of the CollectWithMe competition

In cooperation with the MOL-New Europe Foundation and Pontvelem Nonprofit Nkft., a two-stage questionnaire survey is being conducted among senior students of primary schools selected for the national sample to assess the impact of the awareness-raising campaign related to the periodic used batteries and mobile phones collecting tournament within the framework of the Sustainability Thematic Week.

The first stage will take place between 8-19 April and the second stage at the end of May.

General information

The aim of the Students and Teachers on Sustainability research series, which has been held every year since 2020 in the framework of the Sustainability Thematic Week, is to find out students' and teachers' views on sustainability and related issues, and to assess the experiences of students who have participated in the Sustainability Thematic Week.

1. Students on sustainability

Each year, the Carpathian Basin student survey is carried out using a questionnaire available on smartphones and other digital smart devices. The online questionnaires, which take about 15 minutes to complete, have focused on the following topics over the years:

  • environmental attitudes,
  • knowledge of environmental problems,
  • knowledge of solutions to environmental problems,
  • opinions on sustainability,
  • pro-environmental behavior,
  • sustainable fashion,
  • biodiversity,
  • waste,
  • experiences and opinions on the Sustainability Thematic Week.

The questionnaires used were not designed to identify individuals, only basic demographic and socio-economic data were collected. The research is carried out every year with the permission of the Faculty Research Ethics Committee of ELTE PPK.

2. Teachers on sustainability

We are conducting an online survey to get the views and feedback of teachers participating in the Sustainability Thematic Week. The questionnaire, which can be completed in up to 10 minutes, is voluntary and anonymous.

Cooperating partners


The research programme is funded by the Ministry of Interior, the National Office for Vocational and Adult Education, the Blue Planet Foundation and the Alliance for Fundamental Rights Foundation.


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