Teachers and Students about SustainabilityResearch Program 2022

Research programme 2022

Data collection for the 2022 Student Survey has been completed and the results are being processed. A Flash Report is available on this link. The research report of the ELTE PPK Institute for Human-Environment Transaction is available here.
Thank you for the responses received!

The aim of the Research

The research is organized by Alapértékek Nonprofit Ltd. in partnership with PontVelem Nonprofit Ltd. (as the organizer of the Sustainability Thematic Week).

The research is supported by the Ministry of Human Resources (successor is Ministry of Interior), the National Office for Vocational and Adult Education, the Blue Planet Foundation and the Alliance for Fundamental Rights.

Further professional partners: Educational Authority, Hungarian National Committee for UNESCO.

The research aims to assess students’ and teachers’ perceptions of sustainability, Its’ main target groups are the 10-18-year-old Upper Primary and Secondary School students and any teachers in Primary and Secondary School. The research also aims to assess the experiences of students and teachers who participated in the Sustainability Week. The research is conducted using online questionnaires.

The research program in 2022 is taking place on the basis of the ethics permit No. 2022/199 of the Research Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of Eötvös Loránd University.

Professional organizations participating in the research

Research methodology

The research is carried out in 3 stages

1. Questionnaire available to students from smartphones and other digital smart devices

The online questionnaire, which can be completed with a maximum of 15 minutes, addresses the following subjects:

  • measuring environmental attitudes,
  • what environmental problems do they know,
  • what solutions do they you know to environmental problems,
  • what do they think about sustainability,
  • what do they do now for sustainability and what would they do in the future,
  • sustainable fashion,
  • what experiences the student had during Thematic Week.

Non-personally identifiable basic demographic and socio-economic data will be requested in the questionnaire.

2. Questionnaire designed for teachers compiled after the Thematic Week

The questionnaire, which can be completed with a maximum of 15 minutes, is voluntary and anonymous.

3. Focus group research among high school students

We conduct focus group research among high school students in Budapest participating in the Sustainability Thematic Week. The groups of 4-8 students over the age of 14 are led by BA and MA students of psychology at ELTE, in a semi-structured way.

Sustainability Research in V4 Countries

In order to strengthen the cooperation of Visegrad Group, in 2022 September we conduct a representative research among 17-year high school students of V4 countries to learn about students’ opinions about sustainability. The organization of the research is still taking place.

Research Program 2021

"The student’s online questionnaire was available between 19 April 2021 and 31 May. Within this period 31,788 student started to fill the questionnaire. During the data cleaning we narrowed the sample to those participants who finally served as the basis of the analysis. The environmental attitudes of the students were examined by the Hungarian adaptation of a child version of the New Ecological Paradigm (NEP) scale. In addition to attitudes, the survey also aimed to examine students’ environmentally conscious actions and their intentions. In year 2021, students’ questionnaire contained separate knowledge assessment tests (Knowledge block) for 10-14-year-old and 15-21-year-old age groups. The questions of the tests address the knowledge of Natural Studies and/or Biology classes for ecological topics and the environmental acts in everyday life."

Teachers were asked about the experiences of the 2021 Sustainability Week with the Survio questionnaire program. The nearly 500 responses received, provided important information for planning the 2022 Thematic Week.

The following studies present the main findings of the 2021 research.

The research program took place in 2021 on the basis of the ethics permit No. 2021/192 of the Research Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of Eötvös Loránd University.

Research Program 2020

The research was carried out in 2020 on an experimental basis with the intention of creating a tradition. The research consisted of three main parts: an online questionnaire among students, focus group interviews with students, and an online questionnaire among teachers.

Analysis and publication of results

The results of the online questionnaires and the focus group interviews were processed by the professional organizations participating in the research. The results were published in Hungarian and international educational management and scientific forums.

The following reports present the main findings of the 2020 research.

Privacy and research ethics

In 2020 the research took place on the basis of the ethics permit No. 2020/162. of the Research Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of Eötvös Loránd University.